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I came to MedLoss overweight, depressed and uncomfortable. I was stuck on a plateau from dieting the previous year, it had been months since I’d dropped a pound. Within the first few weeks after joining MedLoss, I started losing weight and it has been a constant loss! In 6 months I’ve reached my goal weight! I’ve lost 30 pounds! I ‘m thrilled to be wearing clothes 3 sizes smaller. The MedLoss team has given me the encouragement and ability to lose weight without feeling tired or hungry. The family greets me like a sister, answers my questions, provides valuable information and cheers me on through the next week. Try it, You’ll LOVE it! There will be less of you each week that you check in 🙂 Thank you MedLoss! -Debi

I signed up for a 3 month package, and I have seen great success! Medloss has been perfect for me. It was exactly what I needed! I have been consistent with my medicine, vitamins, and meal plan. I have lost 30 pounds so far, and I hope to lose more. Everyone at the Metairie location has been very supportive, and I don’t think I would have been so successful without them. If you are ready to make some lifestyle changes to achieve your weight loss goals, Medloss may be perfect for you, too! 

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“When I joined MedLoss I thought it was just another weight loss clinic. I joined the clinic in October 2013 & my weight was 210 pounds. My current weight is now 179 and I’m still going down! I look great and feel so good inside. The plan was so easy to follow. The staff includes a physician and nurses. They also have an exercise program and nutrition program. My goal is 150-160 and I’m on my way! This clinic is a good investment! My health is better & I’m so happy!” -Carrie

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