When it comes to medical weight loss, we know you have lots of questions.  Below we try to answer the ones we hear the most.  If you need additional help, feel free to drop us a line in the form to the right, or give us a call at 855-MED-LOSS (855-633-5677).

1. Is Medication Included With My Program?

At MedLoss, our physicians will prescribe appetite medication but not administer it. Your pharmacy, depending on insurance, will usually charge between $15 – $30 for a one to two month supply. Medication prices vary per pharmacy and type. We provide a health savings card that can be printed up on our home page which will allow you additional savings. Medications are not guaranteed to be prescribed and are given at the discretion of your attending physician.

2. Can I receive a B12 or compounded Injection immediately?

Our B12 and compounded medications are formulated specifically for you. It could take up to five days for us to receive your formulation. We do however encourage our patients to start on our meal plan, supplements, and appetite suppressants as soon as possible.

3. How much will I lose, and how fast?

Unfortunately due to the medical nature of our program, we cannot predict how much weight you will lose. We do however have a great track record of helping our patients reach or come very close to their goals. We don’t believe in Yo Yo dieting where patients look for quick results only to lose muscle mass one month and gain more fat the next.  We encourage propper eating from the start, with a steady reduction in weight.  We encourage all of our patients, if not losing as fast as they want, to call, come in, or email us at advice@medloss.net. We May have to tweak your program a bit or adjust your medication. Either way, we are always here to help.

Why do you have different programs?

Weight loss is not a once a month program, rather it is an every month lifestyle change. If you don’t create a habit of eating in moderation and exercising regularly, the weight will never stay off. Also, our programs let us pass on bulk savings to you. Our programs are designed to fit anyone’s budget and ability. The initial visit is complimentary, and it will give our wellness consultant the opportunity to discuss the differences and how it could benefit you.

When should I start and is it right for me?

We are asked this a lot. The time to start is now. Excuses are easy, tomorrow turns into next week, next week to next month, next month to the 1st of the year. Pretty soon 20 years went by and you wonder why nothing has changed. You may be looking to lose 5 pounds or 105 pounds, give us a call, we’ll give you honest feedback if our program is right for you.